The 89th Annual Academy Awards briefly transformed into an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Sunday, February 26, when it aired a clip of some A-list stars reading mean tweets about themselves.

"I feel like if you went to lunch with Natalie Portman she would only order a hot tea with lemon and maybe some toast. Definitely not an entree though," Natalie Portman, who was absent from the ceremony due to her pregnancy, read from one user's tweet, before turning to reveal her large baby bump with a smirk.

La La Land star Ryan Gosling was attacked for his "perfect bone structure" with an R-rated tweet, while Samuel L. Jackson was mocked for his "resting fart face."

"Lin-Manuel Miranda looks like he's getting a 1996 sitcom with his haircut," one user tweeted, which the Moana songwriter read aloud with a laugh.

Meanwhile, poor Emma Stone was told she "looks like a crack w---e in every role she plays."

Jeff Bridges, Robert DeNiro, Felicity Jones and Tilda Swinton are just a handful of the other celebrities roasted on social media. See below:

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