A marriage proposal, complete with brightly colored balloons and a three diamond ring from the Celebration Diamond Collection by Zales, is a serious, heartfelt thing. It requires a soundtrack that is serious and heartfelt, and that's just what this commercial has.

The super romantic proposal is one that occurs without words. The handsome hunk struggles to commute with at least a dozen balloons --up steps, across snowy city terrain, in a subway car, annoying everyone he happens upon -- so he can get to his beloved to pop the question. He does so from the street, looking up to her office window, in the ice cold.

He shows her the box containing the ring, and she nods in acceptance before running down.

Now that you're heart has melted, you're thinking "What's the song?" since that's all you hear and it's the perfect accompaniment to the action that takes place.

It's 'Ends of the Earth' by Lord Huron, and it's a lilting song, with an indie pop and semi-folk lull. Lord Huron is the persona of Michigan performance artist Ben Schneider.