Taylor Swift has been known to cop a British accent once in awhile, but at the 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, the singer took things to a whole other level! TS stomped down the glittery runway wearing an ensemble inspired by the Union Jack. Of course, Taylor isn't the first star to sport the flag. Back in 1997, Ginger Spice made the patriotic look iconic when she wore it emblazoned on a very short dress. Which singer wears the Union Jack better?

We'll give Taylor points for enthusiasm. The '22' singer's outfit looks like U.K.'s answer to Uncle Sam, but at least it's memorable. From a jaunty top hat to gladiator heels, T. Swift proudly sports the flag. While the cape billowing behind her is more dramatic than it needs to be, this is the VS Fashion Show, so we'll let it go.

Of all of the Spice Girls' outfits, Geri Halliwell's Union Jack mini-dress is by far the most memorable. The singer proudly displays her homeland pride, as well as lots of leg and cleavage. The quintet was known for pushing the envelope, and this dress definitely accomplishes that. It's still an iconic symbol of the girl group almost 20 years later!

Who wears the Union Jack better: Taylor or Ginger Spice? Vote for your fave singer in the poll below!