The Moto G phone is hip and cool, a gadget that any tech-o-phile or hipster would dig. With its switchable backplates, easy app access, all-day battery and quad-core processor, it's been deemed the sharpest in its class. It's almost cosmopolitan. The commercial makes the viewer feel like the phone is "must-own." So it's fitting that the spot features a hip and cool song with a decidedly, well, cosmo bend.

The track in question is 'Positively Inclined' by Wax Tailor, a self-described multi-faceted and fiercely independent French trip-hop artist with four albums in his repertoire.

'Positively Inclined' is a fun song that certainly holds true to the adjectives Wax Tailor -- not his real name -- has given himself.

His sound is slightly urban, ultra-modern and current, so it's no surprise that his song, which is not brand-new, would be used in an ad for the latest and greatest in the world of digital communication. Modern digital means require modern-sounding artistic accompaniment.