Mother's Day is fast approaching - and sometimes it's hard to come up with a creative gift year after year. I've made it easier on you and provided you with a fool-proof list of things that would be great to give a mom like me. One that rocks.

I mean, one that loves rock music. :)

1. Vinyl Records - Vinyl records of classic rock bands or albums that your mom loves would make a great gift. Try the new Metallica 72 Seasons on Vinyl. Here it is at Target. 

72 Seasons - Tape
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2. Classic Rock Cassettes - Check out these on Etsy. Also, a double whammy good move to be considered the ultimate sibling would be to grab a classic old cassette player off of Ebay or at the local Pawn Shop.

3. Concert Tickets - Tickets to see her favorite band in concert or a music festival would be a perfect gift.

4. Band Merch -  T-shirts, hats, posters, and other merchandise from her favorite band or bands would be much appreciated. Try some retro merch!

5. Headphones/Earbuds/Airpods - A pair of high-quality headphones will allow her to listen to her favorite tunes in style.

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6. Rockstar Autobiographies - Biographies or autobiographies of her favorite rock stars like Keith Richards, Patti Smith, or Ozzy Osbourne would make an excellent gift. A great one that covers a lot music-wise is Jann S. Wenner's Like A Rolling Stone: A Memoir which just recently came out. Here it is on Amazon.

7. Guitar Accessories - If your mom is a musician or plays guitar, you could gift her with guitar picks, a new strap, or even a set of strings. You could also order her some sheet music or piano music books if she likes to tickle the ivories.


8. Music-Themed Home Decor - Pick something like this up at your local HomeGoods. You could gift mom with music-themed home decor like a vintage concert poster or big light up music note. Framed Albums are also a good option for a do-it-yourself gift. Go sneak one of her old albums she doesn't like to listen to much, but would look great up on the wall.

9. Music Streaming Subscription - A subscription to a music streaming service like Spotify, Apple Music, or Tidal would be a perfect gift for a mom who loves any type of music.

10. Classic Rock Magazine Subscription - A subscription to a classic rock magazine like Rolling Stone, Mojo, or Uncut would be an excellent gift for your rock-loving mom.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there. You the real MVP.

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