If you are male, married or otherwise indisposed with the fairer sex and wonder who your girlfriend or wife is cheating on you with in her mind, here's the list.

This article won't help the terminally insecure, but it may give your guy and idea who you ladies are thinking of having a romantic dinner with, in your mind. A new survey asked 4,000 women, 'Which guys do you fantasize about cheating with?'

Here's the top 10:

1.  Yoga teacher, 20%.

2.  A colleague or boss, 18%.

3.  A neighbor, 13%.

4.  One of your friends, 10%.

5.  Her ex, 10%.

6.  With a woman, 9%.

7.  Your brother, 7%.

8.  Her physical therapist, 6%.

9.  Her favorite bartender, 5%.

10.  Her doctor, 2%.

Did we miss anyone, ladies?

(News Mail)