It's a question that has perplexed women around the world since the beginning of time: Why won't men stop and ask for directions? A new study found out why.

News flash:  Men don't like to ask for directions. This is not a surprise to females in the audience who've been frustrated by men's refusal to stop and ask for directions. A new study out of Duke University finally figured out why.

Researchers found that men are less likely to ask for any kind of help compared to women, because they're judged much more harshly for it. When men ask for directions or any other kind of help, people perceive them as less competent.

That doesn't happen when women ask for help. The researchers say it's because we're all still subconsciously sexist, and think it's okay for women to show weakness. In fact, when women are more aggressive or even speak up, people perceive them as worse leaders or less competent.

In other words, we all still expect people to follow traditional gender roles and we judge them when they don't.

Obviously the same thing goes for men who won't look at instructions while trying to put something together. So ladies don't get mad it's just the way we are.

(Huffington Post)