I'm just starting using most of the features on the new GoPro HERO3 my wife purchased for me earlier in the year. Now, GoPro has announced they are releasing the new HERO4, which is capable of recording video in 4K! Guess what daddy's getting for Christmas?!

In GoPro's announcement of the new HERO4:

All around the world, GoPro users are capturing incredible experiences, from the heart-stopping to the heartfelt. Into the caldron of an active volcano, the neon streets of Japan, a refuge for wild mustangs, scaling an iceberg, the world’s biggest dance party, or a whale rescue mission, GoPros have documented every moment. See how GoPro’s new line of our most advanced cameras ever allow you to beautifully and authentically capture and share the experiences that bring purpose, adventure and joy to your life. Shot 100% on the new GoPro HERO4 camera from http://GoPro.com. The HERO4 features ultra high resolution quality of 4K at 30 frames per second + high frames rates at 1080p120. Incredible low light capabilities, including our new nightlapse setting. 2X the high fidelity sound. Faster processing. Protune settings that unlock manual control of many of your GoPro’s features, and so much more.

I take my GoPro cameras with me wherever I go: Stunt planes, vintage WWII trainers, down the sides of tall buildings, roller coasters, recording horrible drivers, hunting dangerous game or under the ocean chasing sea turtles. They are the most remarkable and reliable camera's I have ever used.

In their promotional video you will some some of the most beautiful and moving footage recored with the new cameras to date.

Learn more and be inspired by the most advanced GoPro cameras yet: http://GoPro.com

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