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Are Zendaya and Jacob Elordi Dating?

Euphoria actors Zendaya and Jacob Elordi are rumored to be dating after the two were spotted looking cozy together in photos. The two have denied speculation of a romance, with Zendaya referring to her co-star as her "best friend." Photos  of Elordi kissing her forehead in New York seem to say otherwise, though! (via E News)

Adulting Is Tough! Here Are Seven Things We Struggle With!

We all know how tough it is being a grown-up. A recent survey looked to see what we struggle with on a daily basis, and here's what they found:

1. 65% of people feel embarrassed if their home is messy when someone comes over unannounced

2. 54% avoid their to-do list

3. 32% feel like they are juggling a lot of things at once

4. 30% say their finances are way out of control

5. 26% adults don't feel like they are on top of their careers

6. 21% constantly let dirty laundry pile up in a corner somewhere. 62% even admitted to having to rewash clothes because they were forgotten in the washer for too long.

Lets beat these statistics! (via ForeverStateCollege)

Black History Month Spotlight: Ethel Waters

Ethel Waters, born October 31,1896, started in the entertainment business in the 1920s as a blue singer. She then made her way to be the first black woman to integrate Broadway's Theater District. In addition to becoming the first African American to star in her own show in 1939, called The Ethel Waters Show, she also was nominated for an Emmy and for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Pinky. (via Oprahmag)

Ways to Celebrate Galentine’s Day With Your Fave Ladies

Galentine's Day is a week away and we have some ways to celebrate with your favorite girls.

  • Mean Girls movie night
  • Road trip with your girls
  • Host a cooking party
  • Go ice skating or roller skating
  • Organize a wine swap or go to a sip and paint
  • Eat heart-shaped pizza

For more ideas check out this article via Cosmopolitan.

Gabrielle Union Takes High School Student to the Oscars

Deandre Arnold's high school allegedly told him that he couldn't finish school or walk during graduation with his class until he cut his hair, claiming that he was violating the school's dress-code. Deandre has had his hair the same way since the 7th grade and had to attend a school board meeting to protect his hair. The board denied his request and the story blew up on social media.

This caught the attention of actress Gabrielle Union, her husband Dwayne Wade, and some other producers of the Oscar-nominated short film Hair Love, who decided to invite Deandre and his family to join them at the Oscars. The short film is about an African American father who learns how to do his daughter's hair for the very first time. (via Toofab)

Robert Pattinson: Most Handsome Man?

According to the "Golden Ratio," an equation devised in ancient Greece, 33-year-old British actor Robert Pattinson is the most handsome man and has the "Perfect Face". His eyebrows, eyes, nose, chin, jaw, eyes and facial shape were measured against other celebrities and he came closes to the Greeks' idea of perfection.

Here's how close some others came to "perfection":

  • Henry Cavill - 91.64%
  • Bradley Cooper - 91.08%
  • Brad Pitt - 90.51%
  • George Clooney - 89.91%

Stars Caught in Big Lies

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