Tell me you're from Texas without telling me you're from Texas. I love this phrase, you have no idea how much. I came across a TikTok video recently where a gentleman posted that particular phrase then proceeded to show us how we can tell he is a Texas by how he dressed up to go out. 

I thought about it after watching the video several times and thought you know, there is an unofficial uniform for most guys in Texas.

Ladies, think about it, if you're like me, you have brothers, dads, cousins and coworkers that dress a certain way that you would instantly know, yep he's a Texan! What am I talking about? Let's make a list:

  • starched jeans are the #1 tell-tale sign-my dad's Wrangler's used to come back from the cleaners so stiff they could stand up by themselves!
  • cowboy hat-straw hat in the summer, (black) felt hat in the winter
  •  nicely pressed button-down shirt- short or long sleeve
  • Ariat, Hooey ball cap or some other brand that looks cool
  • heavy cologne smellin' hella good wherever he goes
  • cowboy boots
  • nice belt- maybe a big shiny buckle

1 of my very first jobs was front desk girl at a dry cleaners and if I had a dime for the amount of jeans and shirts we would take in that called for heavy starch I could have retired by now. lol FR clothing, welding shirts, nice church shirts, I kid you not, some fellas even asked for starch in their undies! lol

I'm not saying every male dresses like a cowboy, but I am saying every male in Texas has one or every single one of these items in their closet and wear them at some point. What did I leave off the list?

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