You've seen it on your favorite celebs, in hair, on walls, in drinks, with cacti, on dresses, in makeup palettes, on food, in music videos, and likely, adorning most of your social media feeds. Chances are you've been drowning in Millennial Pink, and you don't even realize it. You may as well get to know the color because according to New York Magazine’The Cut, it's here to stay.

Call it by any other name -- Tumblr Pink, Scandi Pink -- and it would still look like Millennial Pink. It's not a new hue, versions of the color have been around since 2012. So, how, exactly, is Millennial Pink categorized?

Well, it's not just one color on the wheel. It embraces a range of shades in Pantone terms, from Rose Quartz and Pale Dogwood to Candy Pink. Millennial Pink is not always pink. Sometimes it falls on a spectrum between beige and peach.

Notes Véronique Hyland of The Cut, "[I]t’s ironic pink, pink without the sugary prettiness. It’s a non-color that doesn’t commit, whose semi-ugliness is proof of its sophistication.

A simple search on Instagram or Google with the term "Millennial Pink" is sure to yield a slew of results. But, lucky you: We've narrowed down some of the best examples of the color so you don't have to spend hours trying to figure it all out. Simply scroll below and enjoy the eye candy.

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