Bridezilla and intolerant? Big yikes! A woman is being dragged online for telling her sister she couldn't bring her girlfriend of three years to her wedding. Instead, the bride-to-be wanted her sister to bring one of the groomsmen as her "date."

A woman, who is openly gay, went on Reddit and shared how her sister — the bride — told her that her role as a bridesmaid on her big day would come with a few ground rules.

"I would have to walk down the aisle beside one of the groomsmen, stand beside him in some pictures and sit at a table with him and the other bridesmaids and groomsmen," user Anonymousbridesmaids3 wrote, adding she had "no problem" with the requirements as she "assumed" her girlfriend would get an invite.

But that never happened.

"Last week the invitations were sent out and my girlfriend wasn't invited and I wasn't given a plus 1," she continued.

The confused sibling confronted her sister, who told her the "groomsman (I'll call him John) is my date." She was also told that "John is single so it made sense to 'pair us up' and have us be each other's dates."

Isaac Brekken, Getty Images
Isaac Brekken, Getty Images

The bridesmaid noted her not being given a plus one had nothing to do with "cost savings" as her parents have already dropped "at least $75K on the wedding." She even added that the "maid of honor, the best man and all of the other bridesmaids and groomsmen were given a plus 1 and so was every other guest."

The woman was left completely shocked by the whole situation as she thought her family was accepting of her sexuality, as her girlfriend had been "welcomed to family events and holidays with no negativity" in the past.

"I've been out for 15 years. I took a girl to my prom. My parents and sister have taken me to pride parades in the past," she explained. "Everyone knows I'm gay and it's never been a problem but now I feel like it is."

When she brought up the girlfriend's omission from the nuptials to her parents, they told her she was being "self centered" and that her sister "can do as she pleases" because it's "her day."

Mike Flokis, Getty Images
Mike Flokis, Getty Images

Now, she's considering not going to the wedding entirely as she feels like she is being discriminated against by her family.

"I feel like it's homophobia no matter what my sister and parents say," she wrote.

Many commented agreeing with the woman's frustration, noting that she shouldn't have to put up with the blatant "homophobia" from her family.

"Your sister is being foul. You have no obligation to play along," one user wrote, while another commented: "She [the sister] can be as homophobic as she wants while pretending she's not, but that doesn't mean you have to tolerate it."

Another user gave an alternate theory, suggesting the groom's family might not be on board with someone who's gay in the wedding party.

"I'm smelling homophobic in-laws," they wrote, adding: "The whole family sucks for putting up with this and pretending like that's not what's happening, but that's where my money is."

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