A woman is struggling with how to tell her mom that she previously hooked up with the mom's new boyfriend.

The woman took to Reddit explaining she is struggling with whether or not to tell her mom, especially considering she's the one who encouraged her to finally start dating again.

"I (23f) have been encouraging my mom (40f) to date for a while. She's been a single mom most of my life and it seemed her only priority was her children. My mom deserves love just like any other person, she's put us first for so long that it was time to put herself first for once," the daughter wrote via Reddit.

She was happy when she found out her mom had met someone — until she met the man.

"Recently she introduced me to her new boyfriend (49m). I instantly recognized the guy because we slept together a few times last year. I kept my cool in front of everyone but internally I was freaking the f--k out," the woman continued, adding her mom's boyfriend pulled her aside and asked her "not to tell" her mother they had previously slept together.

"I don't think I can do that. I want to tell her but I don't want to hurt my mom. I really don't want her and him getting super serious or ... worse ... him becoming future step dad or something. How do I tell her without breaking her heart or her hating me?" the woman asked Reddit.

Users rallied behind the woman in the comments, telling her to tell her mom sooner rather than later.

"Better to tell her now rather than the day before their wedding," one person wrote.

"She needs to know to decide to stay or leave. It's not right for anyone to keep this from her, especially not her daughter," another commented.

"Him not wanting to tell her is also a huge red flag. Starting a relationship on a lie is not a recipe for a healthy lasting relationship," someone else shared.

"She also deserves to know that he approached OP and asked her to lie to her mother for him," another weighed in.

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