One woman almost got away with faking COVID-19 to get out of work so she could party — until her friend shared a selfie online and her boss caught her in the lie.

TikTok user @elliemiddleton1973 shared the story of how she managed to briefly fool her boss into thinking that she had COVID-19, before he discovered that she wasn't in bed sick, but out partying like a rock star.

Ellie's viral TikTok video about the ordeal, which has been viewed 260,000 views to date, reveals she knew the jig was up when her boss texted her to ask where she was while she was literally out dancing at a party.

At first, she responded that she was at home and wondered why he would even ask her about her location. Unfortunately, she didn't realize that her friend's Snapchat Story showed them out dancing together, without face masks.

When her boss confronted her and let her know he spotted her on her friend Lily's social media, Ellie quickly came up with another lie.

“My test was negative, I did one of my mom’s PCR tests and they came back straight away because she works in a care home. So I went to Lily’s birthday party just to show my face but I can be back at work tomorrow because I’m negative," she fibbed to her employer.

But when her boss requested she forward her test result to him in an email — which she didn't have, of course, as she never took the test in the first place — she began to panic.

"I’m definitely getting the sack," Ellie bemoaned in a caption in the clip.

Watch below:

In a follow-up video, Ellie unveiled more of the text conversation between her and her boss, along with various subsequent attempts to cover up her first lie.

Now, it seems her employee is waiting for a legit negative COVID test result before she can return to work.

Will Ellie get fired for her COVID-19 fib? Only time will tell...

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