Facebook is a wonderful thing; it allows us to connect to our friends and family. But on the darker side, it also lets ex's stalk their former significant others. One woman has been banned from talking about her ex-husband on Facebook or she could face jail time.

Is talking smack about your ex on Facebook worth going to jail for? A woman in Ireland is about to find out.

40-year-old Maureen Curoe of Belfast, Northern Ireland was in a long relationship with a guy named Adrian McAleese, but they broke up three years ago.  And ever since then, she's been NUKING him and his new girlfriend on Facebook.

She's been posting lies about him and saying nasty things about his girlfriend, she even made up a fake Facebook account to send them obscene messages. Yeah the ex-girlfriend from hell.

So Adrian finally called the police, and Maureen was in court this week. The judge decided the posts weren't a legitimate threat, but he DID put a restraining order on Maureen's Facebook use. If she mentions Adrian or contacts him on Facebook in the next two years, she'll go to prison for FIVE years.

Is this the end? I guess we'll find out over the next few weeks.

(Daily Mail)