The widening project at Faudree Rd. and Hwy 191 is right on schedule.

This project is expected to take till the beginning of 2025 to complete but it will expand the current two lanes of Faudree Road. to a five-lane road with one of those lanes being a left turn lane from Hwy 191 north to Yukon Road.

"The final project of Faudree Road will be widening to a five-lane roadway from 191 up to Yukon so this first phase of this project is really about a third of the construction corridor," said Hal Feldman, Traffic Coordinator for the City of Odessa.

The reason for the project is the development happening along Faudree Road.

"The widening of Faudree Road is because of all the development out there in Parks Bells, there's the Idea Public School out there located on Yukon so all that traffic is using a two-lane roadway. So the finished project will have two lanes in each direction, a center turn lane, sidewalk up the east side of the street, streetlighting; so that's what the finished project will look like," said Feldman.

So driving around the area will be dicey for the next two years so be aware of construction workers and equipment during that time.

"During construction, you've got to be careful of workers, of construction equipment; there's going to be lots of activity out there so when you're traveling through the corridor be careful and be aware of your boundaries," said Feldman.

To keep up to date on what's going on with the Faudree Road North Project, keep up on the City of Odessa website.




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