Last night (Sept 15th) the Miss America pageant was on and back in New Jersey. So who won the title of Miss America for 2014? 

I was pretty excited to watch this years Miss America pageant. There has been a ton of press about the contestants. Miss Iowa was the first to have a disability. Miss Kansas is in the army and she was the first ever contest to show her tattoo's. And Miss Florida injured her self and had to wear a knee brace!

Facebook/Miss America

Needless to say the night was pretty exciting as the elimination process went on! One of my favorite talents of the night was Miss New York-her talent was bollywood dancing! Miss. New York was so happy to perform her talent! She smiled the entire time!

So who won the Crown? Miss.New York won and this is a back to back when for the state of New York!

Who were you going for? Comment below!