Better learn to put some respect on Cuca's name, because she's the latest meme queen to captivate the web. (The Babadook is baba-shook, indeed!)

The character, a villainous, folkloric anthropomorphic alligator (not a crocodile, get it straight) witch from the early 2000s Brazilian children's TV show, Sitio do Picapau Amarelo, has quickly become social media's new diva du jour. And she is sassy!

With her vigorous head twitching, expressive hands and hair flipping, the blonde reptile — based on an old South American folk tale — is currently the web's premiere conduit for pop culture commentary (like Nicki Minaj's legendary Miley Cyrus call out) and parody (including a number of hilariously on-point Wendy Williams impersonations).

See some of the funniest Cuca memes and reactions, below:

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