Between scandals and economic woes, the nation's attention has been focused on it leaders. For example, we know that the President played six rounds of golf over the last few days. But someone has been conspicuously absent from the glaring spotlight, Vice President Joe Biden.

That seems to have been the story for the last few months as well. Every day there are always updates about what the President Obama did or said or didn't do, but Biden has kept a very low profile. Some speculate the Administration prefers not to have to deal with another instance of Joe putting his foot in his mouth, and a recent search didn't show too many stories concerning the VP.

What we do no is that he is in Houston at the bedside of his ailing son, Beau.

The younger Biden, who is being evaluated to determine why he experienced weakness and disorientation last week. “Touched by all your well wishes—thank you. Nice evening in Houston w/ Hallie; will share update when we have it,” his recent tweet read.

Beau Biden, who suffered a mild stroke in 2010, began experiencing the symptoms last Wednesday night after driving to Indiana for a family vacation, said Jason Miller, a spokesman for the Delaware Department of Justice.*

Biden is expected to remain in Houston for the next few days.

*Information provided by the New York Daily News.

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