It's a dilemma in this life of mine on how to fill up an article with 250 words when you  have about a thousand things going on with production but you need to write an article that is interesting and captivating but there is nothing locally going on that you can write about.

So what do you do? You write about not having anything to write about because you have nothing to write about.

I have already written about the new Legacy High School getting a new logo, which is really the only interesting thing going on locally right about now.

There is also the moving of the Midland Airpark which I also have already covered which leave me with zilch, zero, nada.

This puts me at about halfway to my goal of 250 words, but now how do I get to the coveted 250 in the next couple of paragraphs with nothing going on that is interesting to anyone?

So what is this 250 words that I speak of? Well for Google to put the article in their list when you Google something, it must have at least 250 words or Google will not recognize it and add it to the list. In other words, if you Google "fossils," only the articles about fossils with 250 words or more will show up in the list, so the threshold of 250 words must be met to be listed on the Google platform.

Well this article is done, thanks to Google, so now I will move on to my second article of the day.

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