If you're new to Facebook, you may not know about the new fad a posting a 'Throwback Thursday'.

A 'Throwback Thursday' is a post, usually a photograph several/many years old that is posted on Thursday. The fad began as a way to share the memories with friends and get a few laughs while at it.

Today, everyone from average Joe's to celebrities post 'throwbacks'. I posted one earlier today from an independent film I was involved in 10 years ago called, 'Wide Open'. Though it was never finished due to directorial issues, it was a blast to be a part of.

The plot was about a former cop (David Reno) and his family who were relocated to West Texas by the Witness Protection Program after a cartel vowed revenge for a major drug bust. Then a series of gruesome murders begin to take place and David fears the cartel may have found his family.

You can tell this one is a throwback from the pay phone.

If you have a throwback you want to post, do it in the comments section below!