It's been brought up several times in the past and will, pretty much, never happen. What if it did though?

El Paso, New Mexico ... sounds weird, doesn't it?  It has been propositioned before and there is still a faction out there that would like to see it happen. I'm against it myself. As much as I love New Mexico, its sites and people; I'm a die hard Texan at heart.

Now I fully realize this will never happen, we're just having fun here. To namedrop the latest Bad Omens song, for now, we'll "Just Pretend".

If the New Mexico - Texas state line was lifted up and moved south about 250 miles to loop around El Paso, we'd become the 2nd largest city in the land of enchantment.

That could get El Chuco the kind of clout currently afforded to Houston and Dallas. Las Cruces would move to 3rd place so, all the cool stuff would surely come this way.

Things like:

  • EP would gain more political clout and more El Paso reps would stand a chance of winning offices at the state and federal level.
  • While The Chihuahuas totally rock, this would surely land us a professional team or two. MLB, NBA, NFL ... maybe even NHL.
  • being near the #2 city could take the already very cool Vado raceway up a notch too. An Indy caliber race could come in with other NASCAR and NHRA events.
  • I don't know that UTEP would/could leave the Texas university system but, if they went the way of the 505, they would probably benefit from more state funding.
  • 2 words, legalized marijuana. As much as NM is netting now from the sale of ganja, can you imagine dropping another half million buyers into the mix?
  • International trade money and benefits for NM would skyrocket if they went from having 1 or 2 small ports of entry to having, (pretty much), ALL of them.

More money = more clout. and, with all these factors in mind, El Paso ... despite being slightly smaller than Albuquerque ... could easily become the big dog in New Mexico. The 915 would reap all the rewards of that in terms of infrastructure improvements, fun things to do and funding just to name a few perks.

New Mexico State v Cal State Bakersfield
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Again, this is just a "pipe-dream" ... a few thoughts on an impossible scenario.

There are PLENTY of reasons to leave everything the hell alone but imagine IF this crazy idea ever began to really gain any traction. Wow.

Now what if Las Cruces was to move to Texas? That's even more unlikely since, as we all know, New Mexicans aren't too crazy about Texans.

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