It turns out, that the things that make us happiest in life, are the simple ice cream!

Lately my wife and I hop in the car and drive down to the local ice cream shop; Swensons, for a pint of her favorite ice cream flavor. If only I had known earlier that it took so little to make her happy.

Baskin-Robbins just ran a survey and asked people which flavors of ice cream make them the happiest.  Here are the results:

The top 10 ice cream flavors that make people happiest are:  Chocolate . . . coffee . . . strawberry . . . rocky road . . . vanilla . . . cookie dough . . . mint chocolate chip . . . chocolate chip . . . praline . . . and rainbow sherbet.

The study also found that 72% of people surveyed said that deciding to get ice cream makes them happy even if they're stressed, preoccupied, or serious.

So, what's your favorite flavor?




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