There were many events that happened on this date in history, including: A famous Civil War battle, a famous outlaw's first train robbery and the recovery of JFK Jr.

154 years ago In 1861, Confederate troops defeated the Yankees at the BATTLE OF BULL RUN CREEK. It was the first major battle of the Civil War.  Sixty thousand men fought for 10 hours while many of the pompous rich folk, dressed in their finest, came to PICNIC and watch the battle!

142 years ago In 1873, JESSE JAMES held up the Rock Island Express near Adair, Iowa, in his FIRST TRAIN ROBBERY. Only $6,000 was reported lost, but it was more like $65,000. The train company didn't want the public to know they carried that much money.

90 years ago In 1925, The "MONKEY TRIAL" ended in Dayton, Tennessee, with school teacher JOHN T. SCOPES being found guilty and fined $100 for teaching DARWIN'S THEORY OF EVOLUTION.  The conviction was later overturned. Scientists STILL HAVE NOT FOUND THAT 'MISSING LINK', though several fakes surfaced in later years.

61 years ago In 1954, "Surprisingly", France surrendered North Vietnam to the Communists.

54 years ago In 1961, CAPTAIN VIRGIL "GUS" GRISSOM became the second American to rocket into a sub-orbital pattern around Earth, flying aboard the Liberty Bell Seven.

46 years ago In 1969, NEIL ARMSTRONG and EDWIN "BUZZ" ALDRIN blasted off from the moon after 21-and-a-half hours on the surface.

43 years ago In 1972, GEORGE CARLIN was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and profanity at Summerfest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for "using indecent language in front of wheelchair-bound children."  (One of the many reasons we loved him.)

40 years ago In 1975, WILLIE NELSON made his debut on the album charts with "Red Headed Stranger", which contained the hit, "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain".

35 years ago In 1980, DRAFT REGISTRATION began in the U.S. for 19- and 20-year-old men.

16 years ago In 1999, Navy divers found the bodies of shirtless rollerblader and amateur pilot JOHN F. KENNEDY JR., his wife, CAROLYN, and sister-in-law, LAUREN BESSETTE, in the wreckage of John-John's plane in the Atlantic Ocean off Martha's Vineyard.

That's it for what happened on this date, now go make history today!