A group has put together a plan to get bottled water to the people of the train disaster in East Palestine, Ohio.

413 Mechanical, LLC has got people willing to transport the water that is donated to Ohio.

Market Street in Midland and Odessa have agreed to be the drop-off point for the donated bottled water.

Basiun Roofing at 8220 E Highway 191 in Midland and Hutches Oilfield Supply at 10808 W. Co. Rd 100 in Odessa are also drop-off points, forklifts are being provided to help unload pallets.

Reports show that the toxic spill has caused rashes and breathing problems for the people that have returned or stayed in East Palestine and it has also killed more than 45,000 animals.

The latest from the disaster is that a train car carrying plastic pellets was heated because of a hot axle that caused the original fire on February 3.

There were detectors on the rail meant to detect high temperatures on or in the train cars but the heat was not great enough to set off the alarms until it was already too late.

The train derailment spilled chemicals on the ground around the railroad and the fire sent a large plume of black smoke into the air that could be seen for miles.

The water in East Palestine has been tested several times and has been cleared as non-toxic but residents of the small Ohio town are not trusting officials which is why the group of West Texas residents has decided to collect the bottled water to take to Ohio.




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