Clay Kemper is the treasurer for the North American One-Armed Golfer Association and is bringing the 18th Annual National Championship to the Odessa Country Club.

According to NewsWest 9, Kemper lost his arm 11 years ago while on a fishing trip and had always been a golfing enthusiast. He decided his accident may have cost him his arm, but it wouldn't stop him from playing one of his favorite sports.

So, he joined the NAOAGA in 2009 and eventually moved up to treasurer of the club.

Kemper wants to let anyone know that may be facing the same kind of adversity he has, that you can still do the things you love even if an accident may make it a lot more challenging.

This is the first time the association will have it's National Championship in the state of Texas.

There will be about 35 golfers from all over the U.S. and Canada that will play in the tournament.

The championship will be played June 18-21, 2018 at the Odessa Country Club.


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