Hunger Action Month begins September 1 and the West Texas Food Bank is having its first peanut butter drive to help feed the hungry.

According to CBS 7, the only thing you have to do is go to any United Supermarket or Market Street location and purchase a jar of peanut butter.

“You know if everything goes right, we’re gonna be able to fill a truck which should be about 45,000 pounds of peanut butter. If you look at a little jar that’s going to be a lot of jars of peanut butter that’s going to help us go a long way,” said Craig Stoker, Director of Marketing and Communications for the West Texas Food Bank.

The purpose is to make the communities of Midland and Odessa aware of food insecurities in the area.

“Peanut butter is such a great item for a food bank because it’s shelf-stable, you can do a lot of different things with it, it doesn’t need to be refrigerated it’s generally in a plastic jar so there’s no harm in getting it stacked and warehouse so it’s always something we like," said Stoker.

He said the drive is a part of the partnership with UTPB and United Supermarkets.

“We’re happy to pitch in and not only donate the first thousand jars of peanut butter but also set up a display in each of our stores calling out what the community is trying to do,” said John Jameson, Regional Vice President of United Supermarkets.

The grocery stores will have donation points at each register for contributions and is currently taking those donations.

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