With the vote coming soon on a new bond proposal brought about by ECISD on several things including a new high school, West Odessa residents are making their voices heard about the location of the new high school.

According to CBS 7, a town hall was held on Wednesday night and over two dozen people showed up to give their opinions on the ECISD bond election coming up on May 7.

The main thing the residents of West Odessa were concerned about was the location of the proposed new high school which is going to be close to the Parks Bell Ranch area in east Odessa.

“My kids matter,” one ECISD mother said. “And you’re saying that by building it over there, these babies don’t matter.”

That would be about 15 miles away from West Odessa which has been trying to get a high school in their area for several years.

ECISD Superintendent Scott Muri answered questions and told those in attendance that voters rejected spending $600 million on a bond for a high school in West Odessa, but that did not go over well with residents.

“You’re trying to overwhelm us with facts and information! You’re trying to overwhelm us with a bunch of charts,” one attendee yelled. “I’m not buying it!”

Bussing students into town to go to school was a major concern for the people at the meeting.

"Do you think it’s ok for our kids to get up at six o’clock in the morning, get on the bus at 6:30, have to go an hour here or an hour there, and then get home at six or seven o’clock at night? That’s ok for our kids to do that?” asked one attendee.

Most in attendance want the new high school to be built in West or Central Odessa rather than East Odessa and all of the people were concerned about the tax increase that would go with the bond.

Voting on the bond will be Saturday, May 7, 2022.


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