We all know how dangerous texting while driving can be, but that doesn't stop us from doing it. It might surprise you to learn that we are actually doing things more dangerous than texting.

I received a survey call from AT&T a few months ago asking me my driving habits and if I did, '...any of the following while driving?'. Well the results are in and you won't believe what people are doing with their phones behind the wheel!

70% of them use their phones while driving.  In other words, if you don’t use your phone to text daily, you are in the minority 30% category.

Texting and driving has been identified as being even more harmful than driving under the influence.

Living in a distracted world can be hazardous to our health and to our relationships with others and ourselves.

The 70% text.

33% of those in the AT&T survey email while driving.

28% surf the net.

27% do Facebook.

17% snap a selfie or photo (yes, while driving).

14% log into Instagram.

14% Twitter.

12% shoot video while driving.

11% use Snapchat.

And 10% do video chat like FaceTime.

What are your thoughts on this survey of distracted driving?