Among the images of horror and carnage we saw in the news this week there was a different, truly American image of people running to help with no regard for their own safety.

Seconds after the explosions at the Boston Marathon, first responders: Police, military, medical personnel and ordinary people ran toward the carnage to care for their fellow men and women injured by the horrific crime.

Days later, people looked up after the ground shook to see a grey mushroom shaped cloud rising over the city of West, Texas. Volunteer Fire Department members of neighboring communities began running to the scene - not even knowing what had happened - they just knew it had to be bad and someone needed help. Some lost their lives.

Time after time, when a tragedy happens, first responders and ordinary citizens answer the call to help. It is not a position, it is a calling and it something that makes us all proud to be called Americans. We honor those who have fallen, and pray for the victims and their families. God bless you all.