The devastating damage from the earthquake that hit Nepal last week is still being assessed, but the need will be obvious. Here are some legitimate charities that you can feel confident in donating to.

Scenes from the earthquake in Nepal over the weekend have already touched the hearts of millions of Americans who want to support disaster relief through donations. The BBB Wise Giving Alliance advises donors to avoid being taken advantage of by questionable solicitations or wasting their money on poorly managed relief efforts.

The news out of Nepal is horrific and the photos are heart-breaking,...People want to help as soon as possible, and that is wonderful, but donors need to follow some key rules about supporting disaster relief so that their gifts get to those who need them most.  - H. Art Taylor, President and CEO of the BBB Wise Giving Alliance (WGA)

Across the world, relief and development organizations and governments have begun responding to the earthquake in Nepal. The list below includes nationally soliciting charities that have been accredited by BBB WGA (i.e., meet all 20 BBB Charity Standards) and indicate that they are collecting contributions to assist Nepal relief efforts:

Be cautious about spam messages and emails that claim to link to a relief organization. If you want to give to a charity involved in relief efforts, go directly to the charity’s website.  In response to Hurricane Katrina and the Haiti earthquake, the FBI and others raised concerns about websites and new organizations that were created overnight, allegedly to help victims.

Following these precautions will assure that the most is made of every donation.