Cue the TRL flashbacks and nostalgia galleries: the '90s kid cup doth overflow.

Over the past weekend, the Legendary Miss Britney Spears — who showcased her expert comedy skills in concert with an impeccable April Fool's Day joke on Saturday night (she "broke her toe" and told everybody to get out, such a Pranksterney) — brought the Backstreet Boys' own Howie D. onstage to be her latest "Freakshow" slave.

As always, the internationally demanded "Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes)" icon sassily hair whipped, strutted and shimmied her way through the Blackout gem, walking Howie on a leash down the runway before introducing him to the crowd — and, incredibly, signing a Britney T-shirt for her two decade-plus musical contemporary, just as she would do for any fan. Hey, it's Britney's world...we're just living and working in it, bitch.

This isn't the first time a BSB member came to see Piece Of Me, either: aside from the fact that the Boys share the same stage for their own Larger Than Life 2017 residency which kicked off last month, both A.J. and Kevin visited Britney backstage around this time last year.

Watch Howie D. get the "Freakshow" special treatment below.

Britney's Piece Of Me Residency Gets Remixed and Reimagined:

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