With 'Warcraft' slowly but surely coming together for a Winter 2015 release, it's good to hear that one of the four leads has been cast, and that the Duncan Jones-helmed film is going with an outside-the-box choice. Travis Fimmel, who's best known for the History Channel series 'Vikings,' is in talks to play the lead.

This news comes from Variety, who say that Fimmel is all but assured the lead role. The Australian actor has appeared in feature films before, but most of late seem to have gone direct to video, so this casting would be his big break. And having been involved with 'Vikings' he surely knows his way around the environment of 'Warcraft.'

Picking someone like this makes a lot of sense, as he can then make the role his own without too much baggage (it looks like they're chasing names for some of the supporting roles), and the audience can fall in love with the actor for his work here and associate him with the role. And as there's no way this isn't intended to start a franchise, they can also lock him down for a multiple picture deal on the cheap. 'Warcraft' is scheduled to hit theaters December 18, 2015.