The Walking Dead’ season 3 shambles out its ninth entry with Sunday’s mid-season premiere “The Suicide King,” but how does it hold up to the comic book continuity?  The battle begins anew as Rick liberates Daryl and Merle from the Woodbury arena, but begins to crack under the pressures of being the leader, while Andrea tries to quell the panicked townspeople.  So, what’s next for ‘The Walking Dead’ as the season continues?

As AMC's incarnation weaves in and out of storylines from the books and adds its own original characters and developments, we've compiled an in-depth guide for fans of the comic as well as AMC's ‘The Walking Dead’ to enjoy! Check it all the comparisons we found, and let us know your thoughts on ‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 episode 9 “The Suicide King" in the comments below!

  • 1

    Escape From Woodbury, Take Two

    AMC: Just when all seems lost for the Dixon brothers, Rick and Maggie make a surprising return to Woodbury, opening fire with assault rifles and smoke grenades to allow enough chaos for Daryl and Merle to escape. With little time to waste, Rick reluctantly lets Merle lead the way outside the town walls, before the group flees into the woods.

    THE COMICS: After his first escape (as a prisoner), Rick never returned to the town of Woodbury. The first time around it was Woodbury soldier Caesar Martinez who led the escape party of Rick, Glenn, Michonne and Woodbury defectors Dr. Stevens and Alice, briefly securing Martinez a spot in the prison before his treachery was revealed.

  • 2

    Hershel's Shoe is on the Other Foot

    AMC: While the rest of the survivors await Rick’s return, Hershel helps patch up Allen’s leg with a few minor stitches.

    THE COMICS: The irony would not be lost on poor Hershel, as in the comic it was Allen who suffered a bite to the leg while roaming the prison, forcing Rick to sever Allen’s leg in desperation. Afterward, Hershel tended to Allen’s leg, doing what he could with a lock of Axel’s hair to stop the bleeding, though Allen ultimately died from the injury.

  • 3

    Tyreese's Post-Apocalyptic History

    AMC: Tyreese explains to Hershel that he and Sasha originally holed up with his neighbor in a well-supplied bunker, returning topside in search of food and encountering Allen, Donna and Ben. Following that, the group grew to about 30 people, until the camp was eventually overrun and the survivors were out into the wilderness, eventually coming across the prison.

    THE COMICS: Rather than a neighbor, Tyreese, his daughter Julie and her boyfriend Chris holed up in a nearby country store, until the owner tried to rape Julie. Tyreese killed the man in anger, but it isn’t known what happened between the store, and encountering Rick’s group out on the road.

  • 4

    Rick and Michonne Aren't Getting Along So Well

    AMC: Already uncertain about Michonne, Rick’s trust is further damanged when Merle reveals that Michonne has known of Andrea’s whereabouts all along. More than that, Daryl’s exit pushes Rick over the edge as he threatens Michonne with exile after her leg heals.

    THE COMICS: Michonne initially earned her way into the prison by saving Otis’ life, but Rick remained somewhat wary of her mental state. Michonne eventually stole back her sword, but Rick had little time to question things before Michonne proved her worth.

  • 5

    Allen's a Lot More Murder-y Then We Remember

    AMC: Still grieving the loss of his wife, Allen impulsively decides he and his group would be better served by taking over the prison themselves before Rick and the others return. Ben goes along with the idea, but Sasha and Tyreese quickly shoot the plan down.

    THE COMICS: Allen took the death of his wife significantly harder, nearly leaving himself to the walkers and snapping at anyone who attempted to console him. Allen pulled things together for his children, but never had any inclination to stage an insurrection. Ben on the other hand would go on to display some disturbingly violent tendencies…

  • 6

    Glenn's Breaking Point

    AMC: Still shaken by the experience at Woodbury, Glenn accosts Rick for leaving the Governor alive and endangering Maggie’s life after what she’d been through, as well as allowing Daryl to leave. Maggie attempts to play peacemaker, but Glenn’s anger only stays below the surface for so long.

    THE COMICS: Glenn was similarly held captive in Woodbury, though never suffered any real torture, while Maggie remained safely at the prison. Even with Michonne’s repeated rape, Glenn largely kept his cool about the threat of the Governor, and sought only to keep Maggie safe and happy.

  • 7

    Woodbury in Panic

    AMC: Following the assaults from Rick’s group, panicked Woodbury citizens attempt to flee the town, finding themselves blocked at the gates. With the tension about to erupt, several walkers break through the defenses and cause a further panic before Andrea saves the day, and rallies the town to keep calm.

    THE COMICS: Conditions in Woodbury were never as ideal as presented in AMC's version, though for the most part the citizens kept themselves happy regularly attending the biter fights. Following his horrific injuries at the hands of Michonne, the Governor rallied the townspeople against Rick’s group, though Woodbury itself or the fate of its inhabitants were never seen in the books thereafter.

  • 8

    The Governor's Rebirth

    AMC: Keeping himself largely in seclusion after his failure to keep the town safe, the Governor announces to Andrea that the town’s happy days have ended, and all that remains is the war against Rick’s group. The Governor only emerges to kill one of the bitten townsfolk, before retreating to his apartment and leaving Andrea to quell the people.

    THE COMICS: His injuries much more severe, the comic Governor too kept himself mostly in seclusion, before the fate of Martinez was revealed and the Governor decided to address the people to rally them against the threat of Rick’s people.

  • 9

    Rick Meets Tyreese

    AMC: After initially ignoring his people, Rick meets with Tyreese face to face to learn more about their group. After a brief exchange, Rick denies Tyreese and his people permanent asylum within the prison, not willing to trust any strangers.

    THE COMICS: Rick and his people met Tyreese’s group prior to even arriving on Hershel’s farm, and though somewhat reticent of one another in the beginning, Rick and Tyreese became fast and trusted friends. Tyreese would quickly grow to become Rick’s right-hand man, though they occasionally came to blows in disagreement.

  • 10

    Lori Returns!

    AMC: Shortly after meeting Tyreese’s group, Rick has a hallucination of his deceased wife Lori watching him from a catwalk above, dressed in her wedding gown, leading him to break down in front of the others and draw his gun on the ghostly figure.

    THE COMICS: As seen in AMC’s version, Rick initially coped with Lori’s death by imagining telephone conversations with his late wife, but never experienced such vivid hallucinations. On one occasion, he dreamt of an idyllic scene with Lori and Carl at their former home, which quickly devolved as Lori became a walker, and devoured a guilt-ridden Rick.