Volunteers helped out the community and the West Texas Food Bank during MLK Day.

According to NewsWest 9, some of the things the volunteers helped out with was working on outreach boxes to help out the outer counties of the 19-county service area of the food bank.

They also filled backpacks for the Food to Kids Program at the food bank.

Food Bank officials say involving the community is one of the most important thing and that the food bank would not be there if it were not for community support.

"Even if they're out there sharing the story about what we're doing, it's so important and so impactful because not only does it help spread the word about hunger, it spreads the word about the need in our community," said Craig Stoker, Communications Director for the West Texas Food Bank.

The food bank is always looking for volunteers and donations, to find out more go to the West Texas Food Bank website.

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