Did you know that every time a Volkswagen vehicle hits 100,000 miles, a German engineer gets its wings?

Yep, that's the 'It's a Wonderful Life'-themed case a dad makes to his thoroughly uniniterested daughter in the car maker's 2014 Super Bowl commercial. Engineers get winged in humorous fashion while a goofy song plays in the background. What is it?

It's 'Doo-Bee-Doo-Bee-Doo' by Giorgio Moroder, an Italian singer, songwriter, DJ and producer who has worked with the likes of Daft Punk and is largely considered a disco pioneer. The song is actually from 1969, so yeah, it's old!

The most interesting thing about this commercial isn't the song or the wings. It's the daughter who sardonically jokes that at 200,000 miles, rainbows shoot out of the butts of the German engineers.

At 300,000 miles, the engineers are gifted with unicorns, right? Maybe we should be commercial copywriters.

The whole point of the commercial is that Volkswagens are reliable cars that can withstand lots and lots of wear and tear. But we love how it's done with humor and a fun song.