Can this eyeliner trick really make people fall in love with you immediately?

TikTok creator Michelle Diaz brought her viral eyeliner trick back to TikTok in a new stitched video.

"The ONE day I didn't put white eyeliner dots on my inner corners for work, happened to be the first day made less than $175 in tips... coincidence? I think not," a content creator captioned their video, which Diaz stitched.

In her own clip, Diaz appears over screenshots of reports about the trick that claims it "hypnotizes" people.

"No cause this look single-handedly saved my life," one user commented.

Meanwhile, others chimed in with their own twists on the trend, such as using highlighter or rhinestones instead of eyeliner.

"I can confirm getting many compliments," someone else wrote.

"I did this and 3 boys started venting their life stories to me it was shocking," another person weighed in.

Diaz's TikTok has over 5 million views, and a follow-up tutorial has racked up almost 900,000.

"I actually made this trend viral back in 2021," Diaz says in one clip. "I like to use the Nyx Epic Wear eyeliner. This is the easiest way to make your makeup pop."

How does the viral white dot eyeliner trick work?

All you have to do is create small dots directly beneath your eyes, above the eyelids and in both corners to create the allegedly hypnotizing effect of the white dot trick.

"I discovered that for some reason men get drawn to them and that's why they went viral," Diaz adds.

Whether or not the trick is actually hypnotizing, it still seems to be a makeup trend that tons of people are drawn to and swear by.

"I feel like this is a trick a butterfly would do," one person commented on the tutorial, effectively summing up the magic of the white dots eyeliner trend.

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