I am so excited to see VenomI don’t know where Tom Hardy’s head goes inside Venom, but that’s not important. What is important is that Tom Hardy plays Spider-Man’s most slimy, gloppy, veiny arch-nemesis in all his slimy, gloppy, veiny glory. This movie looks bonkers.

Like, look at this first clip from the movie, with Hardy investigating the “Life Foundation” and Riz Ahmed. Listen to his voice in this scene! He went Full Hardy, guys. You’re never supposed to go Full Hardy:

Before you dredge up that whole “Life is actually a prequel to Venom” theory you should know again: The Life Foundation is actually something from Marvel Comics, and not a reference to that movie. In Marvel, the Life Foundation was a frequent thorn in the side of Spider-Man and, later, Venom. It’s a corporation created by survivalists paranoid about nuclear armageddon who then go on to do generally evil stuff.

At one point, they captured Venom and used his symbiote to create other symbiotes, who they used for their own nefarious purposes. The trailers make it seem like that’s sort of what happens here; wherever the original symbiote in the film comes from, the Life Foundation wants it and they want to do not-particularly-nice things with it. If you buy the rumors that this will lead to a sequel starring Venom’s “son” Carnage, this could be exactly how that happens.

Venom opens in theaters on October 5. I cannot wait you guys.

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