Is Baby V on the way back?

Vanessa Hudgens dropped a major hint about upcoming music, which includes a Phantoms collaboration called "Lay With Me."

"The fans are going to freak out over the music video because it’s very nostalgic," the actress-singer teased while speaking to Bustle.

And while she wouldn't divulge much more than that, it's likely that "nostalgia" she's referring to may be linked to her High School Musical glory days. As she told the magazine, "I mean, one can jump to conclusions."

Hudgens also opened up about the lasting love for the iconic Disney Channel Original Movie. "I mean, it’s really special. So many people that have seen [High School Musical] have been inspired to pursue their dreams in the arts, and that’s such a special thing to be a part of," she shared.

It's been a hot minute since we've had new music from Hudgens, who made her solo music debut with "Come Back to Me" in 2006.

Her last album, Identified, was released in 2008, though she has released a few promotional singles (2013's "$$$ex") and collaborations, like 2017's "Reminding Me" with Shawn Hook, since then.

High School Musical: Then and Now

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