Vanessa Hudgens visited the BBC Radio One Studio in London July 16, as she's over in the U.K. promoting her new movie 'The Frozen Ground.'

While her fans were busy being in awe of the beloved actress, the only thing we could focus on was how flipping amazing the 'Spring Breakers' starlet looked in that white ensemble.

Before we get to to her super cute outfit, let's get a brief overview of Hudgens' interview (via Telegraph) at BBC Radio One. After saying that she had kind of a hard time waking up (her three teas on the way over helped, though), she said, "I'd wake up early for Andy Warhol."

Hudgens also discussed her favorite flick and music festivals, saying, "Have you seen [one of my favourite movies] 'Labyrinth' with David Bowie? It's so amazing. It's good, you have to see it! I do love a festival, yes I was at Coachella this year and next year I'll be at Glastonbury. I'll wear a headdress, it'll be perfect."

Hudgens also discussed her role in 'The Frozen Ground,' where she plays an Alaskan woman trying to escape the clutches of a serial killer. "The first time I saw it I did have some moments where I was like, 'Why are you making those faces Vanessa?' It's quite gritty and there are some pretty scary moments. My character is based on a real person. We shot at some real places where events took place in. It's quite heavy there's an energy that resonates," she explained, before adding that her co-star Nicholas Cage "is amazing."

Now back to this show-stopping outfit. Hudgens stepped out of her vehicle absolutely beaming, showing off her toned abs and pierced belly in a white crop top with a delicate eyelet-esque pattern.

She wore her brown locks styled up into a super cute yet quite chic top knot, with a few strands flying away for a sexy, bedhead effect.

Hudgens also wore white, pleated slacks that fell just above her ankle, allowing the actress to show off those strapp-y pumps and metallic pedicure.

She even stopped to sign some autographs! Vanessa may be fabulous, but she's never too cool for her adoring fans!