If you are having second thoughts about the COVID-19 vaccine, a local doctor helps to ease those tensions.

According to NewsWest 9, Dr. Vicky Bakhos Webb, a physician at Complete Care Midland, has been providing data and facts on the COVID-19 vaccine to help those having second thoughts see that it is a safe and effective way to prevent the virus.

"They're scared of the side effects, so they come in with a little more, hey teach me about it, what do I need to do. A lot of the questions have been do you recommend it, do you think it's safe, do you think it will protect me and my family from the virus, is it going to lead to any side effects that I have to worry about in the future," said Dr. Webb.

She says there are three types of people right now, those who wave their vaccine cards in the air, those who don't want to discuss it, and those who still haven't decided how they feel about it.

"I'm glad they're asking their physician about it instead of just getting on social media or a neighbor down the street or somebody that has different opinions about it and I'm always happy to answer those questions," said Dr. Webb.

She also said that the vaccine has helped in getting our local numbers of COVID-19 illnesses and hospitalizations down.

"The statistics we've seen lately, especially in Midland, Texas when our numbers are dropping after the vaccine [has] been given to a lot of the patients, I mean that's a good testimony of the vaccine working," said Dr. Webb.

She suggests discussing the vaccine with your doctor or a healthcare professional that you have the utmost trust in to get the right information to make the right decision.

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