An 11-year-old student who survived the shooting at Robb Elementary in Uvalde smeared blood on herself and played dead so the gunman would pass her by.

According to CNN, Miah Cerrillo told the network about her experience that day when the mass shooting began.

Miah said she and her classmates were watching Lilo and Stitch when the teachers got word that a shooter was in the school.

One of the teachers, we are not sure if it was Eva Mireles or Irma Garcia, went to lock the door but the shooter was already there and shot out the door's window.

Miah said it all happened really fast, she said the shooter looked at one of the teachers and said "Goodnight," and shot her.

She says he then opened fire and shot the other teacher and several of her classmates while bullets flew by her and fragments hit her. She was taken to the hospital and treated for fragment wounds and released.

Miah then said the shooter left her class and went into an adjoining classroom where she heard screams and shots being fired. After the shots stopped she said the shooter started playing sad music, the kind she described as being where "you want people to die."

The girl and a friend grabbed her dead teacher's phone and called 911 for help.

Miah said she was scared the gunman would come back to her classroom and kill her so she smeared one of her dead classmate's blood on herself and played dead.

She also said it seemed like three hours that she lay there with her classmate's blood on her and she wondered why the police didn't come in and rescue them.

Miah's mother says her daughter is traumatized and they have started a GoFundMe page to pay for her therapy.

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