This last week I was contacted by some friends in law enforcement who were putting together a relief effort to help supply first responders and rescue workers in Moore, Oklahoma and surrounding communities. They wanted to ask you, our listeners for help; here is the update!

Dennis Morris and Spencer Bennett

After a stormy evening our driver (who wanted to remain nameless but for the sake of this article we will call him JR), made his way slowly through the devastation to the heart of the rescue/recovery efforts.

I feel like Thomas the Train in this truck towing this trailer full of stuff...I think I can I think I can...what normally takes 1 1/4 tanks is now at 2 with 25 miles left!!!! But hey it's heavy because of the generous hearts of numerous people!!!



Then, as daylight broke, he was shocked to see the destruction that was wrought by the F4 tornado.



Day 1...thru the destruction of Mother Nature I have once seen the power of The Lord...the morning started out with a tremendous rain storm that flooded everything...then the sun comes out and and it's time group and get to I'm traveling Down I-35 and see Warren Theatre and Moore Medical Center I have no words to describe what I see...the first task is to drop off the the water, snacks, bug spray, tools and most importantly which I was advised Chapstick to the first responders at the fire station...Next I travel to 11th and Santa Fe which is a block away from Plaza Towers to my brothers house...we drive down the road and I see nothing out of the ordinary and then BAMM everything is gone...As we park the truck and trailer I am immediately met with Benji’s mom who I also call Mom with a hug and she sheds a few tears...then a lady walks up and leads the group in prayer...with the help of numerous brothers we quickly pack up the house as insurance adjusters and numerous other people show up...FEMA SUCKS!!!...we help a 88 year old adult man by digging thru his totally destroyed house to find precious items to him and his we finish I take the dreaded walk towards the school...for the people who truly know me you'll understand how hard that I walk I can't but start shedding tears...I stand next to a playground and expect to hear kids playing but what I see and hear are cars destroyed, the playground mangled, and a car siren I stand their praying I began to realize again that The Lord has a hand in everything...There was not a section of this place where there was not a person offering to help or provided water and food...people were walking up the streets just lending complete strangers a hand...Oklahoma is Strong and The Lord is definitely here!!! Keep praying for this town because its working!!!



Since he got there, JR and others have been working to the point of exhaustion to help with recovery and cleanup. He wanted me to pass along the thanks from those your contributions have helped so far. Keep helping and keep praying! Thanks JR for your dedication and love!