Birdie putts are generally about as compelling as listening to someone talk about their fantasy football lineup. But this is not most birdie putts.

This golfer had a pretty easy three-foot birdie putt all lined up, but he decided to treat the green like a miniature golf course and turn it into a convoluted 100-foot birdie putt.

Except this wasn't miniature golf. There were no windmills or scattered hills or little brothers screaming they wanted the red ball while half a dozen families wait impatiently behind you, gritting their teeth because your son's tee shot on the 9th hole landed in the rough on the 16th near the clown's mouth.

No, this guy did it for fun and, clearly, he had played this course before. That or his knowledge of angles makes him to geometry what Matt Damon was to math in 'Good Will Hunting.' Either way, he somehow made a routine putt into something memorable, kind of like you not landing in a sand trap.

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