One magical unicorn recently helped its neighbors fight the winter blues while simultaneously tackling the nuisance of snow-covered sidewalks.

The residents of Wagar Ave. in Lakewood, Ohio were recently visited by an unidentified person dressed in an inflatable unicorn costume. Neighbors spotted the magical creature snow-blowing the sidewalk of their community after it was hit with several inches of snow.

Bethany Staley, who lives in the neighborhood, was able to snap a few photos and record a video of the mythical beast in action, which she then shared on the Lakewood Community Facebook group.

Apparently, this isn't the first time the unicorn has visited Wagar Ave.

"Such an awesome community!!! The Wagar Ave. Unicorn was back this year and just made my night!!!" Staley wrote. "My family and I loved watching him plow on by!!! Thank you, neighbor."

Staley's Facebook post gained over 750 reactions and ultimately landed on Twitter, where it went viral after being retweeted over 7K times.

On Twitter, user @WeThePeopleCLE re-posted a photo, applauding the unicorn for spreading some neighborly love.

Staley told that she first spotted the snow-blowing unicorn on Christmas Day 2020.

During both sightings, the anonymous unicorn mysteriously showed up, cleared the entire Wagar Ave. sidewalk... and then disappeared.

"He does the entire street, which is so awesome," Staley said. "Wagar is a real long street."

Winters in Cleveland may be bitter cold, but this story will certainly warm your heart no matter where you live.

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