If you felt the big earthquake on Wednesday, did you happen to feel the four aftershocks that happened in the minutes following it?

If you lived around the area of Mentone, Pyote, and Pecos you probably did.

The first earthquake was the 5.4 magnitude that happened around 3:32 pm 25 miles SSW of Mentone, that is the one that was felt as far as San Antonio and Lubbock.

Then the aftershocks hit, a second quake happened just one minute later at 3:33 pm at a magnitude of 3.4 located 22 miles WSW of Mentone, then at 3:39 pm another quake happened with a magnitude of 2.8 located 24 miles SSW of Mentone, then at 4:01 pm, a 2.6 magnitude quake happened 23 miles WSW of Mentone and finally almost an hour after the first earthquake a 3.8 magnitude quake happened 23 miles NNW of Toyah.

EarthquakeTrack.com said on Wednesday that there have been 38 earthquakes in the area around Mentone just this week and 1,633 in the past 12 months.

That is a lot of seismic activity in the West Texas area and the only explanation is the ground being unstable because of fracking done in the area in the past decade or so.

There is even a video of shelves swaying at a United Supermarket in Pecos on Wednesday.

Get used to it West Texas, if you thought that earthquakes were only felt in California, well now we are having almost as much seismic activity as the areas along the San Andreas Fault.

Granted we are not expected to have a "big one" like has been forecasted for California for decades that is supposed to break them off into the ocean, but seismic activity is not going away anytime soon here in West Texas.



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