Madonna falls on her back stage after her fellow "Male" dancer with HIGH heel boot dropped her! After the concert the pop icon laughed off the fall during a performance of "Open Your Heart."

Madonna who is 65 and already getting criticism on her revealing outfits and gyrating dance moves did laugh it off, it appears one of her dancers tripped while dragging the singer across the stage in a chair while she sang her smash hit from 1986 "Open your Heart"

Madonna In Concert
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This all happened in Seattle while on her "Celebration" Tour. You can see the fall on multiple social media posts. After the fall, Madonna simply rolled over to her stomach and continued singing the song.  Later the singer laughed about it, stood up and continued with the concert.

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Madonna's Tour started in October of 2023 and features a setlist that covers 40 years of the superstar's career which includes her music, movies, and what all made her the Pop Icon that she is.

Madonna 'Rebel Heart' Tour
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Madonna has been getting a lot of press on her habit of delaying her concert for hours, while eager fans are forced to wait.  One concert goer has filed a lawsuit against the Super Star for the unexplained wait time.  Regardless if she slips and falls or is hours late the love of Madonna from her die hard fans remains.

Madonna's tour "Celebration" which is put on through Live Nation, will continue from now through August 26th, 2024 tickets are available on her website and multiple ticket outlets.

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