Thieves are everywhere my friends and Facebook is used as a big tool to drive the thievery of your personal information. Sadly, someone falls for the multitude of scams that are published every day. One scam has been presented to Tyler residents as being able to get money from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Here's what it looks like so you don't get stolen from.

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I saw this when I was scrolling through the All Things Tyler Facebook group. It is a post from a Corey Starr (most likely not the real Corey Starr, account was probably hacked by these people and is now being used for this) saying that FEMA is just willy nilly handing out money. Its very enticing, too, anywhere from $1,200 to $18,200 you could get. Here's what it looks like:


There are a bunch of pictures lifted from the FEMA website. It looks nice and neat. Its a scam. Someone did comment on the post and got a response from Corey Starr saying to message him on (Facebook) messenger.


It is here that the commenter will most likely get a link to a website to fill out some information. That information is then the property of the scammers and will be used nefariously.

Another commenter was astute enough to realize this scam and commented as such.

If its too good to be true, it probably is.

When you see something like this, always ask yourself the above question. FEMA is not going to hand out money through a random Facebook post. There is a mound of paperwork that you must fill out at an official FEMA site, in person by the way, to be able to get any kind of money. This is a government agency after all, red tape is their specialty.

We always want to make you aware of stuff like this when it gets out there. We don't want any of or great listeners to fall victim to these practices.

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