'Tis the season...for thieves and scrooges to steal packages off of your doorstep, but this season there will be a couple of fewer thieves in Odessa.

According to NewsWest 9, a man and woman were charged with theft after their U-Haul was found with more than 20 stolen packages they picked up off of the doorsteps of Odessa homes.

The thieves were arrested Monday evening at the Kent Kwik on Billy Hext and Eastridge.

Their crimes were caught on one of the homes' surveillance system and that still shot can be seen above.

Police say they expect more serious charges to be filed once they determine the value of all the packages taken. The packages will be returned to the rightful owners after the investigation is completed in a few days.

To prevent your packages from being stolen make sure someone can be home when the package is delivered, have it delivered to someone you know will be home all day, or just have it delivered to your place of work if possible.

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