The June 19 issue of Us Weekly features Ivanka Trump on the cover for a story about how she fights for her opinions with her dad. The Internet could hardly contain its outrage.

The cover blares "Why I Disagree With My Dad," but the story itself mostly cobbles quotes from other sources, as well as old interviews that Ivanka has given.

Trump supporters have tried to paint Ivanka as sympathetic to women's causes and a voice of reason in her dad's ear, but Twitter couldn't hold back its fury over what many feel is a puff piece. (It should be noted Us Weekly was recently purchased by the National Enquirer, which is pro-President Trump.)

Take a look at how some people responded to the story. Some are incredulous, some are angry and some are all aboard the "Why I Disagree With My Dad" meme train.

Stars Who Supported Trump for President:

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